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SDS Plus-1 Hammer Drill Bits

SDS Plus-1 Hammer Drill Bits offer exceptional strength and efficiency for concrete and masonry drilling. Precision-engineered for optimal performance.

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Material: Made from high-quality, carbide-tipped steel for enhanced durability and resistance to wear.

Sizes: The sizes can range from 3mm to 40mm in diameter and from 50mm to 1000mm in length. This range may vary based on the specific set or manufacturer.

Design: SDS Plus-1 Hammer Drill Bits feature a unique four-flute design that ensures optimum power transmission. The SDS-plus system is designed to provide a fast, tool-free bit changes with automatic bit locking.

Working Length: The working length (also known as drilling depth) is generally less than the total length of the bit, usually by about 100-150mm. This should be kept in mind when drilling holes of specific depths.

Tips: The tips of the bits are usually made from tungsten carbide to ensure they can withstand the impact of hammer drilling in very hard materials.

Suitability: These drill bits are suitable for use on masonry, concrete, reinforced concrete, and other hard materials.

Wear Mark: Some SDS Plus-1 Hammer Drill Bits have a visible wear mark that alerts the user when the bit no longer meets the required diameter specification, indicating it should be replaced.

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Weight 20 kg
Dimensions 20 × 20 × 20 cm





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