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SDS Max-2 Hammer Drill Bits

SDS Max-2 Hammer Drill Bits: Advanced cutting technology for heavy-duty tasks, designed to excel in concrete and masonry drilling projects.

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Material: These bits are typically made from high-grade, carbide-tipped steel to ensure durability and wear resistance.

Design: SDS Max-2 Hammer Drill Bits feature the SDS-Max shank design for use with SDS-Max compatible rotary hammers. The SDS-Max shank has 5 open grooves held by ball bearings in the toolholder.

Sizes: The sizes of SDS Max-2 drill bits can range widely to accommodate various drilling needs. The diameter of these drill bits can range from 12mm to 52mm, and the working lengths (drilling depth) can range from 200mm to 1200mm.

Working Length: The working length, or drilling depth, is less than the total length of the bit. This allows space for dust collection and reduces the chance of the drill bit getting stuck.

Tips: The tips of SDS Max-2 bits are usually made from robust carbide to withstand the impact of hammer drilling in hard materials like concrete and masonry.

Suitability: These drill bits are ideal for use on masonry, concrete, reinforced concrete, and other hard materials.

Spiral Design: These drill bits often have a twin or quad spiral design to help remove drilling dust from the hole, improving drilling efficiency.

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