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SDS Plus-5X Hammer Drill Bits

SDS Plus-5x Hammer Drill Bits: Unmatched strength and durability, specially engineered for extreme performance in concrete and reinforced materials.

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Material: These bits are made from a highly durable carbide blend, designed to withstand high impact drilling and to resist wear.

Design: The SDS Plus-5X bits feature a full head carbide tip with a distinctively shaped 4-cutter layout that ensures long life and great resistance against wear and damage, particularly when drilling through rebar.

Diffusion Bonding Technology: The 5X series uses a unique diffusion bonding technology that provides a strong, high-heat resistant bond between the carbide and the bit body, leading to increased durability.

4-Flute Dura Design: The 4-flute dura design enhances the removal of drilling dust and reduces friction, providing fast drilling speeds and longer life.

Sizes: The SDS Plus-5X series offers a variety of sizes to cater for different drilling requirements. Diameters range from 5mm to 28mm, and working lengths range from 50mm to 600mm.

Wear Mark: These bits feature a wear mark indicator that lets users know if the diameter of the hole they are drilling is still in tolerance for metal anchors.

Suitability: These bits are designed for use in rotary hammers with an SDS plus tool holder, and they are ideal for drilling anchor and through holes in concrete and masonry.

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Weight 20 kg
Dimensions 20 × 20 × 20 cm





2 Years