Precision For Wood

Precision For Wood Jigsaw Blades: High-quality blades for accurate and clean woodcutting, ensuring professional results.

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Material: Precision blades for wood are typically made from High Carbon Steel (HCS) which provides a good balance of flexibility and durability, making it ideal for cutting softer materials like wood.

Tooth Design: The tooth design on a precision jigsaw blade is typically fine, with a high Teeth Per Inch (TPI) count – often around 10-20 TPI. This configuration results in a slower but smoother and more precise cut.

Blade Length: The length of the blade determines the maximum cutting depth. For precision work in wood, a blade length of 75mm (about 3 inches) to 100mm (about 4 inches) is common.

Blade Type: Jigsaw blades come in two main types, T-shank and U-shank. The type you need depends on your jigsaw’s compatibility. Most modern jigsaws accept T-shank blades, which are generally considered to provide better stability and hence more precision.

Cutting Style: Precision blades can be used for both straight and curved cuts. They are often narrower than regular blades to allow for tighter curves.

Working Material: While designed for wood, these blades may also be used for other soft materials like laminates or plastics. Always check the manufacturer’s instructions to ensure the blade is suitable for the material you’re cutting.

Ground and Pointed Teeth: The teeth on precision blades are typically ground to a sharp point and aligned straight to cut cleanly and reduce chipping.

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