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Hole Cutters

Hole Cutters: Precision tools for creating clean and accurate holes in various materials with ease.

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Diameter: The diameter of a hole cutter typically ranges from about 14mm up to 200mm, depending on the application. Larger diameters are typically used for construction and industrial applications, while smaller diameters are more common for electrical installations and plumbing.

Cutting Depth: Cutting depth varies depending on the design of the hole cutter. Some offer a cutting depth of around 25mm to 50mm, while others can cut deeper, especially larger or industrial models.

Material: Hole cutters can be made from various materials, including high-speed steel (HSS), bi-metal, carbide-tipped, and diamond grit. The material used can affect the cutting speed, durability, and the types of materials the hole cutter can cut through.

Cutting Speed: The cutting speed of a hole cutter depends on the material it is made from, the power of the drill used, and the material being cut.

Suitability: Hole cutters can be used on a wide range of materials, including wood, metal, plastic, ceramic, and masonry. However, the suitability for different materials depends on the type of hole cutter (for example, a bi-metal hole cutter can be used for metal and wood, while a diamond grit hole cutter is suitable for tile and stone).

Arbor/Pilot Drill: Most hole cutters require an arbor or pilot drill to guide the cutting. The pilot drill is smaller and drills a guide hole that helps to keep the hole cutter centered.

Number of Teeth: The number of teeth on a hole cutter can vary depending on the size and intended use. More teeth generally result in a smoother cut but may cut slower, while fewer teeth cut faster but may produce a rougher finish.

Design Features: Some hole cutters come with design features such as slots or holes in the side to help with the removal of the cut material. Others may have a quick change system for easy changing of sizes or types of hole cutters.

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