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Endurance For Stainless Steel – Carbide Blade

Rugged stainless steel saw equipped with a carbide blade for enduring and precise metal cutting.

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Material: These blades are made from Carbide, specifically Tungsten Carbide. Carbide is an extremely hard and durable material, making it ideal for cutting through tough metals like stainless steel.

Tooth Design: Endurance blades for stainless steel cutting typically have a low Teeth Per Inch (TPI) count, often ranging from 6 to 10 TPI. The low TPI count allows for aggressive cutting through stainless steel while reducing heat buildup.

Blade Length: Blade lengths can vary, but common lengths are usually longer than regular jigsaw blades, ranging from about 150mm (around 6 inches) to 300mm (around 12 inches). The longer length provides better reach and cutting depth.

Blade Type: These blades are designed for use in reciprocating or sabre saws. They come with a shank that fits into the chuck of the saw.

Cutting Style: Endurance blades with carbide tips for stainless steel cutting are designed for aggressive straight cuts in stainless steel and other tough metals.

Working Material: These blades are specifically designed for cutting through stainless steel and other tough metals, making them ideal for industrial and construction applications.

Ground Teeth: The carbide teeth on endurance sabre saw blades are often ground to ensure efficient and aggressive cutting through stainless steel.

Cooling and Lubrication: Cutting through stainless steel generates heat, so some blades may have special coatings or designs to dissipate heat and reduce friction during the cutting process, helping to prevent overheating and extend blade life.

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Weight 20 kg
Dimensions 20 × 20 × 20 cm





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