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Accessories For Standard Bi-Metal Holesaws

Accessories for Standard Bi-Metal Holesaws: Enhance your drilling experience with these reliable and compatible add-ons.

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Arbors/Adapters: These are used to connect the holesaw to the drill. They usually have a threaded end that screws into the holesaw and a shank that fits into the drill chuck. The size of the arbor must match the threads on the holesaw and the capacity of the drill chuck. Arbors may also include a pilot drill.

Pilot Drills: These are smaller drills used to guide the holesaw and keep it centered. They are usually made from high-speed steel for durability. The size of the pilot drill must match the size of the hole in the arbor.

Extension Bars: These are used to extend the reach of the holesaw for deeper cuts. They come in various lengths and must match the size of the arbor and holesaw.

Ejection Springs: These can be built into the arbor or added as an accessory. They help eject the plug of material that is cut out by the holesaw.

Adaptor Nuts: These are used to adapt one thread size to another, allowing a holesaw with a different thread size to be used with a particular arbor.

Replacement Pilot Drills: Having replacement pilots on hand is always a good idea. They can dull or break with use, and having a spare can keep your project moving.

Allen Wrench/Hex Key: Many arbors require an Allen wrench or hex key to secure the holesaw or the pilot drill. This tool might be included with the arbor or may need to be purchased separately.

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