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Welding Accessories

Welding is used across the globe in some way in nearly every industry you can imagine. It's used in industrial settings, open air environments, underwater and even in outer space. Welding is used on almost every scale by handymen and structural engineers. Welding accessories are usually attached to the welding rod. They are mainly used for applying adequate pressure and temperature to the welding rod. They also take care of welding speed and torch position; and thus assure accurate conduction of welding process.

Applications of welding nozzle include:

•   Gas metal arc welding
•   Gas / Acetylene welding
•   Deflection welding
•   Plastic welding
•   Alumina, lava welding
•   Scarfing
•   Cutting
•   Arc welding
•   Plasma cutting
•   Laser cutting or welding