Sling - Material handling equipments

Wire Ropes Slings

Wire rope slings are a basic material handling tool and are the most frequently used type of sling in industry today. They offer a strong, dependable and economical option for most lifting applications. Their popularity is enhanced by the numerous sling configurations available to support a broad range of applications. These configurations include single and multi-part slings, grommets, single leg slings, multiple leg bridles, and a wide variety of fittings and attachments.


Chain Sling

Alloy chain slings are often selected when operating under high temperatures or rugged conditions that would abrade or destroy other types of slings. They are flexible, durable and long lasting, ductile, easy to inspect, collapsible for convenient storage, and will adhere securely to the contours of a load. Although chain will show little or no stretch at rated capacity, it does have the ability to elongate up to 20% prior to failure.


Polyster webbing sling

The Polyester Webbing Slings with reinforced Eyes at both sides are supplied. It is Light weight, non corrosive, good resistance to heat, excellent electrical insulation properties and good chemical resistance as per specified standard. It does not have any Fiber Optic Core. It will not create sparks in explosive or hazardous environments. Each Sling carries a tag indicating Sling no., Type, WLL, Load test date &Report no. It is suitable for choked lift (Choker mode) also. These slings are highly resistant to mild acids, alkalis, alcohol, bleaching agents, dry cleaning solvents, Halogenate Hydrocarbons, Ketones, Crude oil, Soap & detergent.