Construction - Wire Ropes

Wire Ropes

We are stockiest of USHA MARTIN wire ropes the undisputed leaders in the domestic Aerial Rope sector. Product offerings include Aerial haulage ropes, material handling ropes, rope for passenger ropeways and other track ropes. Ropes of USHA MARTIN are renowned for their low maintenance, long life, excellent quality and strength.


The common constructions offered by us for Aerial Ropes are :
•   6 x 7
•   6 x 19S
•   6 x 17S
•   6 x 8FS
•   6 x 22FS

Size Range

The size range generally preferred for such ropes is :
•   19mm to 38mm


Our Aerial ropes cater to the following specifications :
•   IS 10891/84 Part I
•   IS 10892 / 84 Part IV