Construction - Scoffolding Frames

Wallform Climbing Steel Shuttering

It consist of wallform panel made out of 2.5 mm sheet & MS structures. Panel supplied in 1.2 m. & soldiers in 2.5 m. heights. For curved walls flexible panels are used.

Heavy Duty Channel Soldier

This is the most advanced and versatile arrangement of its type for wallform shuttering, Heavy Duty channel soldier is suitable for use for any pour height up to 4.5 m.


•   Modular construction of soldiers in Metric sizes
•   High strength connection between soldier lengths
•   Can be crane-handled
•   Accessories like plumbing foot, stabilizer & walk-way brackets available
•   Possibility of fixing ties at any location along height
•   Compatible for use with Universal panel, conventional steel panels & ply faced shuttering
•   Highly adaptable for different shapes of walls